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Hey Hunters! I would love for you all to check out Vicinity and let me know what you think! Vicinity is an incredible location-based social media app that enables you to interact with the people around you and see what nearby businesses are offering based on a radius you define. Instead of having to friend people and ‘follow’ businesses to see what they’re up to, as long as they're nearby, they're in your Vicinity. Need a few more for a pickup volleyball game? Reach out to everyone that’s nearby. At home, keep in touch with your neighbors. If you’re at a concert or conference, Vicinity allows everyone to interact. If you’re in a new town, ask around where the best hiking trails are. The possibilities are endless.
What we are looking for: Feedback, feedback, feedback, and investments.
Guuuys! You have done an amazing app really! Everything is very intuitive and simple. Do you plan to be able to move to another city to see what's happening there? And what is your vision on the local market? (Full disclosure i founded a pretty close app)
@david770 Hey David! Thanks so much, your app is also very well done! We definitely plan on exploring other cities, in fact it is in development. Can you explain further on your question regarding local markets? How's everything going with Tack?
@zackherman hey Zack thank you. My question was that tons of similar app are lauched every month. Why this problem to be able to interact with people around is not yet solved. How do you think that this local market will be cracked. And do you think Yik Yak will dominate this market of local interaction? Personnaly i am still looking for the good approach to reach users and ger a viral product
@david770 Yeah it is definitely perplexing that there isn't a popular app similar to yours or mine. As you are eluding to, it's very hard to adopt since you need a LOT of users in order for other users to want to engage. We are definitely trying different avenues as much as we can in hopes of something hitting and going viral. I don't like that Yik Yak is so basic and doesn't seem to have purpose. I wish I knew the answer to cracking the local market...