Vice Golf Balls

Doing for golf what Harry's did for shaving

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From the website "We founded Vice on the belief that highly excellent golf balls must be available at a lower price point. The golf ball is a consumable item - sometimes, it is played only a few holes. Nevertheless, high quality golf balls can cost $4 to $5 a piece. It is understandable why so many golfers fall back on low-quality golf balls: cheap new balls or used balls, and lake balls that are already slightly damaged. This adversely affects the success of the golf game, and it is evident even to duffers. On the golf course, many players will replace their expensive ball with a cheap one when they are hitting across a water hazard. This leads to an uneven game. For a consistent game, golfers should always play a high-quality ball and to commit to one ball model — just as professionals do. VICE is evidence that high-quality, tour-level golf balls don’t need to cost a fortune. How can we afford to offer VICE golf balls for almost half the price of comparable “big” brand golf balls, even though our golf balls have similar proven flight characteristics? · Rather than offering ten different golf ball models, we focus only on the best model for each category. · We don’t spend millions on sponsorship for PGA Tour players - they can’t tell you more about the ball quality than your teaching pro. · We bypass traditional distribution channels, and are looking for the fastest possible way to get our golf balls into your hands. We forget the traditional middlemen: Instead, we sell our products at the best price exclusively on and send them directly to you in the shortest time possible. · You reach the best value for money when ordering a minimum of 5 dozens per model, which is equivalent to the average annual ball consumption for a club golfer. In each case we create significant cost savings, which we pass on directly to you with an outstanding price-performance ratio."
Im excited to see how this progresses. Its hard for golfers to switch from their brand of choice (mine being titleist), so to offer a reliable source of brand name quality balls at an inexpensive cost is very intriguing for the casual golfer that I have become. Something I can feel confident in shanking in the water, but trust enough to show off after I sink my first hole in one.
@chris_thomas Agreed. But don't love hearing about $XX millions in sponsorships for some players for Titleist and Nike which clearly gets passed down to equipment sales. Harrys, Dollar Shave Club, Casper, et al all did it, why not Vice
I'm a 2-3 handicap and have played these for over 6 months after switching from the ProV1x. The Vice Pro Plus is equal quality, if not better.
Love Vice!!!