A dating app focused on conversations not photos



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Hsn Ktş@hsn_kts · manager
Maybe a pixelated photo can be enhanced each time someone replies. So at the end each side will know each other to a level.
Thomas Whitaker@thomaswhitaker · Product Manager
Hsn Ktş@hsn_kts · manager
@thomaswhitaker hahahaa i have forgotten this and today I was thinking what a nice idea the unveil is :D
Arlo Gilbert@arlogilbert · Founder & Angel
Omg sis? We've been flirting for 4 days and I had no idea it was you?
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This app is an evolution of RealTalk, a pixelated video chat app. Nearly every dating app is focused on evaluating people on their photo, which may not be the best way to find your S/O. Interesting idea.
Kostya Rypta@kostyarypta · Founder of
I think in dating conversations, photos are the key. If you have a bad photo, conversation not will even start
Perry Curac-Dahl@perrycd101 · Strategist at Fueled
@kostyarypta The amount of time it must take to filter down potential matches by conversation (as opposed to photo) feels staggering.
Matt Horton@mattahorton · Product Manager, Capital One
@kostyarypta This conversation might be why dating sucks
Chuck Kahn@chuckkahn · Assistant Editor, Freelance
@kostyarypta I seem to remember how Dating Ring was forced to a similar conclusion during StartUp Season 2 --
Dr. Vishal Kad@kvish20 · Doctor
It's good concept, please release android app to check it.