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Texting is a bad way to get to know someone — you can't hear their voice, feel their vibe, or know for sure that the person texting you is the same babe you swiped right on. Vibes uses pixelated video messages instead of text, so you hear someone's voice, see their expressions, and get a feel for their personality from the very first message.

Maybe a pixelated photo can be enhanced each time someone replies. So at the end each side will know each other to a level.
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@thomaswhitaker hahahaa i have forgotten this and today I was thinking what a nice idea the unveil is :D
Omg sis? We've been flirting for 4 days and I had no idea it was you?
This app is an evolution of RealTalk, a pixelated video chat app. Nearly every dating app is focused on evaluating people on their photo, which may not be the best way to find your S/O. Interesting idea.
I think in dating conversations, photos are the key. If you have a bad photo, conversation not will even start
@kostyarypta The amount of time it must take to filter down potential matches by conversation (as opposed to photo) feels staggering.
@kostyarypta This conversation might be why dating sucks
@kostyarypta I seem to remember how Dating Ring was forced to a similar conclusion during StartUp Season 2 --
It's good concept, please release android app to check it.