The website builder designed for DJs & Producers

Introducing Vibecast, the website builder that's designed specifically for DJs & Producers. It's carefully crafted and stripped back from all the usual generic website builder fluff, so DJs can get a profile online quickly without any design or coding skills.
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Hello, Product Hunt. I'm Jack, I'm the designer, developer and creator behind Vibecast. Thank you @mutlu82 for hunting Vibecast today, I'm super excited to be here :) The UPS for Vibecast as a simple and easy way for DJs to get online quickly with only the features DJs (and other musicians) need from a website builder. The aim is to take all their content from different social media platforms and put it all in one place, under their own domain name. Vibecast is a service I needed when I was DJing full time in my 20s. I wanted somewhere I can post all my mixes, images, gigs, videos and news all in one place. I've since spent the last 10 years (my 30s) in a new career building websites, but I still DJ as a hobby, and always noticed a gap in the market. So I combined my two primary skills and built a service I wanted to use myself, Vibecast - the website builder designed for DJs. More on the story behind Vibecast: I started building Vibecast to learn how to be a better product designer and developer and realised the platform had potential, so I kept chipping away over several years, working in the evenings and weekends. Vibecast has been in early access for a while, with fantastic feedback from DJs using it and converting many over to paying customers. I also have Vibecast listed on Indy Hackers with open stats:
Looks great !
Yes Jack! Keep up the great work!
Congrats, glad to see this product finished! Oh, and it looks amazing!