World's first wearable smart vibrator

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Hi all! I'm the founder of Vibease ... we have done $1mill in revenue this year so we know there's a market for it...
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Interesting in that you're tying it to other forms of input (the 50 shades of Grey mention on the main page). Are you going to open up an API or some form of developer access for people to do their own audio programs with associated vibration track? I ask because we work with a number of book publishers some of whom do erotica.
this is pretty fascinating. what do women think? without getting too sarcastic, what are some other innovations in sex tech?
@eriktorenberg did you see the RealTouch that I shared recently?
@chrismessina yeah! that was neat. what do you think about the space / opportunity chris?
@chrismessina @eriktorenberg I'm also curious where this space is moving. I know there are some devices coming out that focus on long distance sex. This documentary showed a lot of what's going on,
. They also dive into virtual reality and there's already a virtual reality pornstar apparently.
This is awesome are you working on any other products? @hermioneway
yes @luiz this is the first line in many for men and women