Vibe for Chrome

Fastest way to know everything about your contacts

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I've been looking for a "Rapportive for the browser" to pull social information (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) information based on email addresses. I'm not the only one. @hunterwalk wants this too (see #2: I just installed it and registered. Unfortunately, the free tier is limited to 5 API requests (per day? it's unclear) and the first paid tier is only 10. I need 100+/day for my use case.
@rrhoover - I registered free and have 30 requests. $5/month for 100 requests it looks like. I'm 0 for 2 so far on data received. Vibe - I assume any request is a request even if no data is received? nice work guys - another potential tool in the arsenal
@ParksTweet , Only the successful requests will be counted. Let us know your feedback and specific feature requests.
@rrhoover We have put a sample pricing and look up number for now. You are no ordinary user :). So let's talk on your specific use case and get a deal for you. @all, This is more like an accidental launch for us (just like Rapportive). You guys caught us while we were just mopping up. Happy about this 'launch'. Do drop all feedbacks and feature requests. Cheers!
Just pre-ordered the mac version—stoked to try it out soon!