Vibe Camera

Capture memorable bursts of your day into a gorgeous video.

Vibe Camera is a brand new way to capture the spirit of your life. It's much more than just a photo or a video - take photo bursts and Vibe stitches them together into a delightful, high-quality flashback that's easy to share wherever you want. Vibe Camera is the best way to truly capture the vibe of your day, or anything else you can dream up.

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Hi friends, Milan here. I did the design of Vibe, with Finn doing the engineering part of the app. Vibe is camera app we wanted to build for long time. With Vibe, you can take bunch of photo bursts and Vibe will stitch them together into a high-quality video of everything you saw. Before Vibe, when traveling or doing anything interesting, I would usually take a bunch of photos throughout the day and then barely even remembered to look at them. Now with Vibe, all those photos are combined into a video with nice soundtrack to give them that extra something. I'm using Vibe to capture roadtrips, travels, day-to-day life or even my computer screen when working. I hope you enjoy all the little touches in it, and let us know what you think! I'm particularly proud on our Credits animation 😉
Oh really cool! Huge potential in the mobile blogging scene actually
Thanks @aaronoleary, I'm glad you like it. We think so too.
Thanks for the update. I will give it a try. Looking forward to the ability to add your own music which should make the app very much more appealing to users.
It's like the timelapse effect?
@jun_zheng83 Similar but not quite. More like a timelapse but for your life. Each time you hit the capture button, Vibe will take 5 photos, with approximately 1sec between them. Those photos are then rendered in a video with soundtracks that you can share. You can take bursts whenever you want and of whatever you want, things in motion are perfect for Vibe. You can also set a timer so Vibe will take a burst automatically, perfect for roadtrips or situations where you can't hold your phone. Possibilities are endless. Here are two Vibe videos that we did, by my rough calculation there is between 1400-1800 photos in each of these videos, all shown in 2-3 minutes.
@mchubich that looks cool! Idea: you can sync frames' changes with music tempo, that would feel so natural
@rulikkk I love that you said that. 🙏 This is also on our list of future features.
What would be nice is the ability to add your own music to the videos. Is that possible?
@haitianwatcher Not in this version but it is on the top of the list for future releases.