Vibe Boost

An interactive digital museum of video-based art.

VB is a digital museum primarily consisting of AMVs (anime music videos), featuring a collective of returning Vine editors. It is an exclusive social network whose goal is to support “bedroom creators” through the preservation and promotion of their content.
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This is a solo passion project I’ve been cooking up ever since Vine ended back in January 2017. I used to be a very avid Viner and loved creating short looping AMVs (anime music videos) for the app. I was in the middle of completing my bachelor’s degree in computer science when Vine ended, and though it had initially felt like a growing opportunity of mine was instantly taken away, in reality another one had opened up: I now had the chance to build my own creator-driven platform exactly as I saw fit, given all of the experience I had gained over years of being a content creator myself. That being said, I've never even released a website before, much less anything of this scale, so I'm super excited (and probably more anxious) to see how it will be received.
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Why not use infinite scrolling (in combo with lazy loading?) to improve the UX? Now users have to click the 'load more button' every time. Worth checking out!
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@mexterslab Definitely on the list of things to do! I've full-stacked everything, so the last thing to learn is a front-end JS framework since I wanted to focus on core functionality first.
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Congratulations on your launch!
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Congrats on your launch and cool concept. Unfortunately, this needs to be cleaned up before I can recommend it to anyone. Some notes: - Focus on the content and remove unessential elements from the UI. The only things I care about seeing are a simple font, beautiful video images, and white space. Allow the content to breathe, start with simplicity and remove clutter. - Infinite scroll is mandatory - I shouldn't have to leave to a new page for each video to play
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@brandnanthny For sure, I want to keep it minimal as well. It's nice to get feedback about usability since only 2 days ago the only person testing it was me haha. Thanks for checking us out!
Where is that "studying girl" that's in the profile pic?
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@rashidi Check out this collection haha: It features a lot of chill anime beats!
@jesalbeta - is that exact one in there? I couldn't find it.