Free morale meter for teams using Slack

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Hello Product Hunt community! We started Vibe because we believe that good work happens with a good team. But like in any team, there are ups and downs. Vibe is a simple tool which allows managers and team members to monitor the mood across several metrics like Happiness, Excitement, Hostility, Withdrawal, or Engagement. Your team can now try to overcome problems before they arise, and celebrate the highs. We’re still in beta but all our beta users love us and give us great feedback. We would love to have you sign up, tell us how it benefits your team and hear your comments. We're working hard to respond to each of you who reached out to us, and if you're interested in checking out Vibe - please sign up at Maik & The Vibe Team
@mediavrog let us know when its openly available to users :)
@bentossell it actually already is. We just updated the Landing page to reflect that :)
@bentossell Also thanks for stopping by :) By the way my friend and part of the team wanted to appear as maker, but his hunter account is detected as company account (@japanventure). Do you think its possible to add him? Cheers
Wow, very interesting use of NLP! Too bad I don't have any "active" team on Slack to test this :( Keep up the hard work! :)
@gcsabai Thanks so much for the encouraging words! This project actually started from an idea contest we held inside the company so it's fun to see it outgrow the fragile prototype phase :)