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Mikhail Ezhov
Mikhail Ezhov@mikhail_ezhov
Hi guys! Do you plan to integrate your service to Airbnb or site? It will great when you want to rent apartments and you are able to see 360 tour
Gennadii Ganebnyi
Gennadii GanebnyiMaker@gennadiiganebnyi
@mikhail_ezhov it would be really a great opportunity but it mostly depend on Airbnb and Booking. We already provide ability to embed 360 tours into any website via iFrame
I couldn't click on any of the boxes at the bottom to learn more about how to create the photos to share. It says photographers don't need new equipment but doesn't seem to explain this.
Gennadii Ganebnyi
Gennadii GanebnyiMaker@gennadiiganebnyi
@flowsion we will add some articles very soon. I will keep you updated!
Iris Potruch
Iris Potruch@iris_potruch · Product & BizDev,
What image formats are supported? I tried to upload a few images but got a message saying it's a wrong format each time... thanks.
Flavius@followflavius · Founder
I've just returned from Iraq as a freelance journalist and very excited to be working with Oleg and Genadii, who have been extremely helpful walking me through the platform. Can't wait to show you my work! :) Thank you both!