See if your venture's name already exists in the world

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Interesting idea for vetting potential product/company names, but I am confused why it has to be through an app (even though it looks really pretty). Interested in hearing where you scrape data from, and why you decided to make an app verses web.
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@paulprins Well - if you're like're constantly in meetings with people coming up with ideas....and I always have my phone. I don't always have my laptop. A mobile app let's you query product names from anywhere.
@corbett3000 yea I get that point but so do websites since you can access them on your phone too. Was it a decision based more on the experience of the team?
@paulprins naw - decision was based on the above.
@paulprins There's actually thousands of people who search for domain & naming related apps through the app store each month. Considering how competitive the space is on the web, it's a smart move to make an app. Plus this looks great, so I'm sure it'll get lot's of organic downloads :)
@paulprins Totally agree. I'm reading this online and I can't be bothered to install an app - even though it looks pretty interesting. All about the progressive app ;)
This app might work for this same use case 😂
Cool idea. Would use this a lot if it were web based, but not going to download another app.
Love this. Naming is a pain and the mobile app makes it easy to check out name right when they strike you. Thanks!
@bluerssen almost reminds me of punching names into Know em' back in the day.