Photos from Video

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My first reaction to the app is that it's a more fun way of using Burst Mode on my 5s. @Noah_Heller have you guys done a comparison to see what Vhoto selects versus what iOS camera selects in burst?
Hey @adamsigel, we aren't really sure how iOS selects shots in burst mode. The selection definitely isn't random but it's not accounting for faces, or major changes, which were the very first metrics we looked at.
If you'd like insight into our methodology, we take the video at a variable framerate depending on the available lighting, then we rank every frame on a whole slew of metrics. Some of the most interesting metrics we look at are those for smiles or novelty (literally what are the most unique shots).
One cool thing to try -- go into a very dark, almost pitch black room and turn on our "low light mode" (upper left of the camera). Compare that with the iOS video camera.
Very cool. Are the stills you extract the same quality as those that are taken as photos? I've heard that apps like SlowShutter which use video capture to create images end up with smaller images unsuitable for printing, etc.