VGS Collect.js

Instantly make any form PCI & HIPAA compliant 💪

VGS Collect.js lets you create custom forms to securely collect data while complying with PCI, HIPAA & GDPR requirements. You keep full ownership & control over your data while VGS acts as data custodian & protects you from liability & breach risk.
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Hey! We’re excited to share VGS Collect.js, a JavaScript library that allows you to securely collect *any type* of sensitive data without having to handle the data yourself (e.g. payment cards, PII, SSNs, bank info, etc.). By generating an iframe for every form field you want to secure, all sensitive data is kept separate from your applications, and you receive an "aliased" version of the data that you can use just like the real thing. You can instantly create forms that comply with data security & privacy requirements (like PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.) because no sensitive data ever hits your servers. Instead, VGS takes on the role of data custodian and you inherit our security and compliance certifications. Our version of SaaS is “Suffering as a Service” - we suffer through audits and deal with compliance requirements so you don’t have to. But you still get all the benefits of using your data, with none of the liability of having to maintain a secure environment yourself. You can learn more about what we call our “Zero Data” mission – to let companies use their data without having to possess it – in this brief explainer video: We’d love your feedback, so please try it out and let us know what you think. We’re also happy to answer any questions!
I wish this existed years ago. The API for using this looks quite clean (
@zallarak thanks, Zain! Fun fact: our co-founders @mahmoudimus and @mjallday actually built VGS in response to the compliance headaches they had to solve while running a large payments company (Balanced Payments)
@mahmoudimus @mjallday @peter nice! This is so compelling because most companies aren't equipped to safely store data. Encryption and data security is so hard to get right, both from a coding and organizational / operational perspective. Great stuff.
@zallarak you clearly understand the problem! We've basically built specialized infrastructure for sensitive data. It's like using AWS instead of running your own data center - companies can focus on building their products instead of paying the "compliance tax".
@zallarak stoked that you're into the product. really excited to be working on building this; would be great to catch up soon!
@zallarak @mahmoudimus @mjallday @peter Really allows fintech companies to grow without having that "oh sh**" moment. Very useful. Founders won't realize this until they start going for bigger contracts, but adopting from day zero is low cost and a no-brainer.
This looks hugely worth it for online retailers just getting started, something I happen to be exploring! Glad this exists!
@prpgworldwizard thanks so much for the comment. Let us know if you have any questions or if we can be helpful in your search.
Im... I .... I just.... ..... no words. should have sent a poet. Now for some words. I love this freaking concept to death! Which I suppose is Ironic because of the amount of people dying from a lack of healthcare options and if you follow the simple trail of - lower healthcare costs, (which this does) equals more healthcare options, you can see that it prevents deaths. So good job @peter you are killing it!