Vevo on Apple TV

Re-imagining the Music Video TV Experience

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A case study we wrote about designing the new Vevo Apple TV experience.
US only? Doesn't seem to be available in Sweden.
@lillerik we're available in 14 countries currently but unfortunately not Sweden at this time.
@dr_jonnyfever @lillerik why is that, BTW? It's not like you're running any ads and most videos are available on your YouTube channels without regional restrictions.
@pointum @lillerik It largely has to do with regional rights issues for us around the content as this can differ from country to country. In some instances it's also whether we have dedicated support in those regions for Vevo as well.
The UI is amazing, Loved the 5 button call to action. Why you don't allow scrolling?
@saoron thanks - what kind of scrolling are you referring to?
@dr_jonnyfever Fast forward a clip for example.
@saoron if you hold down play and use the touchpad you should be able to scroll through the video.
@dr_jonnyfever You're right, I think it's a bit hard to find because the tvOS experience teaches to swipe at rest to see this bar. How about a click & hold to see your cool "Action bar". Anyway it gorgeous!
@saoron I appreciate the feedback and I'll pass it along to our product team. We want to make the functionality as easy as possible.
Love the new app. It is gorgeous and addresses most of my concerns with the old one. Namely an easy way to skip/favorite tracks and it keeps playing while browsing. But most importantly it's now more "music TV like" and that's all I want from it. An important note from someone who has been watching Vevo on the new Apple TV almost daily for the past two months: • Please add a way to view random videos of certain genre(s). Across all of them, not just the same dozen of latest hits again and again. That gets annoying quickly. Maybe you could let a user add genres to "favorites", as opposed to just artists and videos.
@pointum Great feedback. We're looking at some ways of improving the curation process across genres and should have some updates coming that make this part a better experience for you.