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VetTechTrek creates pipelines to technology-focused companies for military veterans and their spouses. It was founded when veterans with technology backgrounds realized the true opportunity set for transitioning service members was not adequately presented by government resources. In the past year we ran 6 immersive recruiting visits for 180 veterans and spouses to 60 tech companies. At the end of a VetTechTrek event, participants have a clear idea of which industry they want to work in and a focused, tactical plan of next steps to achieve their goals. We're running a Kickstarter to fund a video platform that recreates the VetTechTrek experience for everyone.
Link to campaign:
Thanks very much for checking out our hunt! One year ago this weekend, we held our first trek and led 20 military vets through a dozen tech companies in the Bay Area. We've still got a lot of work to do to help vets and their families find incredible post-military careers, but here's a brief look back at our first year:
Everybody---let's get this link around today up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever---let's help these guys fund raise as a PH communit-- this is a hell of cause to support
@workstationw thanks Bill. We appreciate the support!
This would have been a huge help during my transition as my network was concentrated solely in military and government; great for getting a contractor job but not for breaking into another industry. Kudos for tackling this problem. There is a disappointingly small number of us in tech and hopefully you can start to change that.
@robrtanthony Thanks Robert! Yes we think we get more veterans working across technology and this project scales our efforts of the past year. I also added UpScored to the collection of veteran founded startups :)
@mslagh I love it - much appreciated, Mike!
Just pledged. Happy to do so. Keep it up!
@kiley0 thanks so much Kiley, it means the world to me!