Uber for vets. On-demand veterinary service.

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Thanks for the love. I am one of VetPronto's founders. Let me know if you have any questions about the service. Our goal is to make veterinary care not suck.
Also, more than happy to offer a $30 discount on a vet house call to product hunters. Jus use the discount code IHEARTRYANHOOVER when you book an appointment.
Any plans for expansion?
@larry_lawal Definitely. Currently just in SF. Will be in the rest of the Bay Area in May and hope to be in 5-10 cities before the end of the year. Where are you based?
I'm waiting for Redwood City.
@ikirigin :) We will be in Redwood City starting next week. Book an appointment already.
Duh, this rocks. Who wants to put their anxious animal in a tiny crate?
What are the limits of a house call? Can you do minor surgery like stitches? How do prescriptions work -- do doctors carry common meds? If not, is there a Meadow for vet drugs? Medical uses only of course.
@ikirigin We can do everything except surgeries and x-rays during a house call. Put another way, 90% of the procedures that are done at the vet clinic, can be done at home.