Vet Triage Chat Bot

AI chat bot that tells you if your pet needs to see the vet

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I’m a fan of the team that built this bot, Vet Pronto. It’s a great way to figure out quickly if you need to schedule a vet appointment immediately, or if you’re just being a dog mom hypochondriac (guilty as charged).
Great idea! This is a really useful time (and potentially live) saver.
Thanks for all of the usage of the chat bot. We have started training the machine learning algorithms with your input and the chat bot is already quite a bit smarter.
This is a great team of individuals that truly care about this space. The tech and services that they're bringing to the industry are long overdue. Congrats guys!
This is so cool. Love the team building this great product. I am so excited seeing all these new application of bots. Go Vet Pronto