Vet Triage Chat Bot

AI chat bot that tells you if your pet needs to see the vet



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Veronica Belmont
Veronica BelmontHunter@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Disco)
I’m a fan of the team that built this bot, Vet Pronto. It’s a great way to figure out quickly if you need to schedule a vet appointment immediately, or if you’re just being a dog mom hypochondriac (guilty as charged).
Phil Nadel
Phil Nadel@nadelphil · Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners
Great idea! This is a really useful time (and potentially live) saver.
Joe Waltman
Joe WaltmanMaker@joewaltman1
Thanks for all of the usage of the chat bot. We have started training the machine learning algorithms with your input and the chat bot is already quite a bit smarter.
Phillip@pakhzar · Founder @ Arka
This is a great team of individuals that truly care about this space. The tech and services that they're bringing to the industry are long overdue. Congrats guys!
Edwin Broni-Mensah
Edwin Broni-Mensah@ebronimensah · Founder at GiveMeTap
This is so cool. Love the team building this great product. I am so excited seeing all these new application of bots. Go Vet Pronto