A cup that knows what you're drinking

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The epitome of first world problems. I hate this on so many levels.
I mostly only drink water and herb tea myself, so my first reaction was it's silly to need a cup that tracks what you drink, but for things like caffeine or sugar I could see it being helpful. Now we need a plate that does the same thing!
Wow! It can even recognize specific drinks like Starbucks' mocha frappuccino. I would also love something like this for the plate.
I have a caffeine sensitivity, so being able to detect the presence of caffeine (or perhaps a specific level of caffeine) in a beverage would be very useful!
This is the sort of thing that makes my 'that's impossible to do [on a consumer/production scale]'. I didn't watch the video, so I really saw no explanation of how it works, but I'm excited for it. I'd expect to spend ~$20-30 for a nice sealable travel beverage container, so even 10x that for this sort of tech is awesome.