Dating only from sunset to sunrise.

Vespr is a social dating app that elevates the dating game from every sunset to sunrise. After every night, stories, matches and messages will be gone. Vespr is for the night lovers!
Every night, is always a different night.
Vespr is available in Greece.
Hey everyone! I'm super excited to show you off our first product idea on product hunt. A year ago, a great friend came with an idea. To create the first ever social dating app that only works from sunset to sunrise. Every night, will be totally different! Matches, Stories, Messages and everything related to the night that has just passed will disappear! Let me explain! Vespr is a social dating app that wakes up when the sun sets and goes to sleep on sunrise. Vespr makes it easier than ever for people to meet and date in a direct and fun way at night. It is now available on the App Store and Google Play while we are projecting to launch our marketing activities in Athens, Greece and we aim for the sky! #skyisnotthelimit We now have over 500 users! On every #sunset, the app will wake up and notify users that all of its dating features are available. On every #sunrise, app will go to sleep and will have restricted functionality. Matches, messages, and everything related to the night that just passed will disappear. The next night will be a new adventure for people in Vespr. If you are located in Athens so you can find potential people around you, would you mind getting a taste of it? Would appreciate any feedback! PS: Vespr is really active in Athens Greece with over 500 people in it! Check it out! Make sure you are anywhere around to check it!