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Hi, I am Jimi the leader of the team behind Vesper. Vesper is your world class personal aide. It is a part man, part machine assistant that helps you manage the logistics of your business. What does that mean? A couple of weeks ago, Jess (one of our users) was in New York for some sales meetings. Jess relied on Vesper to manage all of the logistics of the trip schedule, catering for the meetings, dinner reservations, and an evening with 11 clients at a Jay Z concert. Thanks to the help of Vesper, Jess was able to do 27 meetings in 7 days and come back with a new client. Extremely excited, Jess called me and told me that Vesper easily saved her at least 4 hours per day of coordination and lots of stress. Vesper has been in private beta since April and we are very excited to open it up to more people. If you are interested in a 14 day free trial text "hi" to 818.273.6709 and get started. Otherwise, I am happy to answer any questions.
@jsfour So I got the email for early access, texted the number, and I'm number 403 in line. Would love to try the service out as a big fan of I've been looking for a replacement.
@itsthisjustin shoot me an email and I see if we can onboard you faster jimi {at}
We're going to continue to see the rise of these types of "conversational commerce" apps as more people understand the UI for mobile doesn't necessarily have to be an app. There is an interesting "ah-ha" moment when someone sends out a seemingly open-ended request via a text/SMS/chat, and all of a sudden something happens that takes care of an issue. I love that. @jsfour - Are you mostly human or AI at this point? A lot of the other players in the space (focused more on consumer such as Operator, Magic, Facebook's foray with M, etc.) seem to be more human at the moment given that their systems are still learning on what can be handled by AI. Do you leverage mechanical turks or are the assistants located near the user? (Feel free to decline to answer). Congratulations on the launch!
@rajamatage Thanks Raj. You are absolutely right. We actually started out as an app, and opted to stop development because we thought SMS would be a more personal experience. Its important to note that Vesper extends beyond commerce. It can actually manage your schedule for you, conduct research, etc. Vesper's last name is "Lovelace" which we picked because we believe, as Ada Lovelace did, that computers (as we currently understand them) will never be able to truly originate creative thought. Lack of creativity means that humans will always be a major part of the process for anything that requires quality creative solutions. Thus our focus isn't using AI to replace people, its using AI to make people superhuman. No mechanical turk here. Each request is worked on by a US based, experienced, personal aide. The AI doesnt (and will never) do the task in its entirely. Our aides use AI to enhance their ability to accomplish the task.
I find the executive-directed marketing and pricing ($1750/mn) fascinating. That price point is a bit cheaper than having a full time assistant (but not by much). They might be trying to create the NetJet of assistants. One thing I really don't understand is how they can offer the 14-day free trial. It seems like they are going to have many, many times more trial users than they intend on supporting at the $1,750/mn level, meaning they will have to scale up, and then scale down, very quickly.
@zackbloom Thanks for the comment. You make a good point about the trial. What we have found in the private beta is that people who are interested start off with light usage and then start using the service more heavily after a couple of weeks. We also will be servicing a maximum of 100 people at a time with this product. Anyone over that 100 will be on a waiting list. With regard to pricing. It turns our that recruiting and training assistants that you could actually trust with important tasks is exceedingly difficult and expensive. We have found that EA's of our caliber are roughly a $60k/year investment. The really stellar ones make +$100k a year. Our mission is to use technology to make a $60k assistant a $100k assistant and charge $1,750 a month. NetJets is a great comp. Thanks for sharing.
Are you aware that there's already a "Vesper" note-taking app for iOS? It's from a somewhat well-known Apple blogger and has a good amount of reviews.
@callmeed Yes we know about the note-taking iOS application. We service an entirely different market though.