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100s of proven, micro-sized copywriting and persuasion lessons in the form of articles, interviews, and courses — all yours for free.
It’s like Seth Godin’s blog (short, readable, punchy content) but exclusively about copywriting and persuasion.
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”Hey, Ed,” they said. “Why don’t you put VeryGoodCopy on Product Hunt?” I looked up. “Oh,” I said. “Never really thought about it.” VeryGoodCopy started as a way to teach myself how to write copy. Because I knew if I could explain a persuasion principle or technique simply and efficiently in a blog post, I was ready to use it myself. “Why not?” they said. “Worth a shot.” I’d study the books and sales letters of old-school copywriting masters, pluck out their most compelling persuasion lessons, and reframe those lessons into unique, actionable, story-driven micro-articles. And folks seemed to like it. Copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs alike were all very encouraging: 🗣️ 'I feel inspired every time I read one.' 🗣️ 'I love how you convey so much in so few words.' 🗣️ 'Like no other copywriting advice on the internet.' 🗣️ 'I love that you share this information so generously.' 🗣️ 'Short, insightful, practical — and always very different.' 🗣️ 'I’ve become a better copywriter thanks to VeryGoodCopy.' So I just kept at it. 🙂 Hundreds of articles later, what started as a simple self-learning tool has evolved into a free weekly newsletter that's helping thousands of subscribers write better, market better, and sell more. Eventually, I added micro-courses and micro-interviews to VeryGoodCopy — all free, all designed to teach you proven copywriting and persuasion concepts in an efficient, memorable way. “Yeh,” I said. “Good idea. I’ll try to get something up next week.” And I did. And here we are. Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to your feedback/suggestions. 🙏
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There is only one copywriting website that I follow and that is VGC. The stuff Eddie puts out isn't your typical "tips & tricks" content. It's clearly evident upon your first visit that it's a different type of experience... Eddie's background is incredibly unique which brings a fresh perspective to a saturated realm. It's bite sized content coming from someone who has mastered their craft through thousands of hours of trials and tribulations. Thanks for lending us some knowledge, @verygoodcopy
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@jessetrowe, thank you! This is such a kind comment. I'm so glad my stuff has helped you out. 🙂
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The copy lessons from VGC are so applicable and the impact so immediate - it has hands down been one of the best resources I have ever found online.
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@adam_goyette, thank you so much. Comments like this make it all worth it. 🙂
Indispensable for dead brill minimalist copywriting advice and inspiration. Do not miss it. Ever!
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@marycameron64, thank you for this. I really appreciate the kind words. 🙏
I write copy and have learnt a TON from VeryGoodCopy. It's basically the only copywriting blog I read religiously (and I follow a whole bunch of them). Because the lessons are short, punchy and actionable. It's like boiling down the best copywriting books of all time in a super concentrated secret hotsauce that you dollop onto your writing in micro-sized lessons.
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@samuel_holston thank you very much. I've never heard anyone describe VGC this way -- and I love it. So glad it's helped you out. Thanks again.