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Men - a mani pedi bro date is nothing to fear!
@allthingsmarco Totally! I'm so happy you get it!
Very Good Light is for men who KNOW how to groom themselves & men who WANT TO KNOW how to groom themselves. Proud of and excited for my long-time friend, founder, David Yi, for his newly launched project! David and I have been friends and co-conspirators in our professional careers for almost 10 years since freshman year in college. I've really admired his evolution and hustle along the way from writing, styling and editing (and even appearing on camera) for major media outlets like The NY Daily News, WSJ, E!, Women's Wear Daily & most recently Mashable. David's the only person I know that's: - been photographed by Bill Cunningham outside New York Fashion Week, - styled, interviewed and fashion house creative directors as well as KPOP stars like CL - overcome a really scary health experience with Bell's Palsy (face paralysis) & - shared the self-acceptance stories of transgender teens across America via a huge editorial/fashion piece on Mashable I truly believe he's found his calling and strongest voice with Very Good Light. Excited for him to share his expertise, intellect and opinion on men's grooming and physical self-expression, with the world! Do You Even Moisturize, Bro? via The New York Times:
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@faisal_hassanx @suzywillow @braunshizzle Hi all! David Yi here from Very Good Light. Thank you SO MUCH Product Hunt community for informing me of this issue. It was a VPS server issue where our IP address changed. It is now in propagation and should be refreshed and brand spanking new for you to view ASAP! Thanks for holding out on us and being patient! Best, DY