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Exactly one year ago we set out to build a home for a format that had yet to be solved for -- Vertical Video. One thing we can all agree on is that Vertical Video looks terrible on YouTube. And on existing mobile platforms, Vertical Video is treated as a medium for disposable messaging, so it's low-res and lightweight in order for it to transmit instantly like a text message. But we want to change that. On Vervid, for the first time ever users can create immersive vertical videos that are thoughtfully edited and tell a story -- all in HD, and up to five minutes in length. (Best of all, they don't disappear.) On top of Vertical Videos, Vervid introduces an interactive way to experience profile pictures. When you tap them, they play. We call these tiny 8-second videos “Bursts.” (They’re like living profile pictures.) This is 1.0 of our product and we realize there's always room for improvement, so we'd love to hear your feedback once you've given Vervid a spin!
Looks really awesome! Vertical video has always been laughed at, but it's a very natural way to film, especially yourself easily, so I'm happy to see a video player support it! Any Timeline for Android? (I sometimes think I'm the only Android user here :P)
@linkchef Thanks Jacob! We do have Android on our radar and are trying to get there as quickly as possible. We've got a launch target date, but can't share that quite yet :)
I've been working with these guys for a couple months @coolhouselabs. A couple things I love about Vervid. 1) It has powerful yet easy to use tools to create awesome video content. Your videos don't have to disappear and can last longer than 6 seconds. You can loop in multiple segments, and create really interesting content. 2) It has a built in social distribution platform that allows you to connect and share your stories with the world 3) It has great content discovery tools. I've been a beta tester for a couple of months now, and it has taken over my mind share for "how will I share this thing so people think I'm cool" from Instagram to Vervid. I look at things differently now, and you realize pretty quickly how to create quality content that people want to engage with. Congrats on the Launch!
Thank goodness...!
Smart product! No one ever turns their phone to make a video and if you can't beat em join em! What is in store for V2? What do you see as the ideal age for your users?