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#5 Product of the DayAugust 23, 2017

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Nico Stam
Nico Stam@nicostam · Product manager, Freelance webdeveloper
Last night I saw an episode of the Defenders on Netflix. At a certain moment the camera was rotated which gave an interesting view on the scene. I thought: "How would a movie be when it was totally shot vertically".. This morning I found this hunt, which probably will answer my question.. Thanks, will certainly try it out. Maybe the VVS isn't so bad after all ;)
Nico Stam
Nico Stam@nicostam · Product manager, Freelance webdeveloper
Also ticking the box on "Gender neutrality" ;) However, only in French available? :(
Marc@marcbc · Software Developer & Product Enthusiast
hey @nicostam , what's with the "Gender neutrality" thing? You meant something about the Defenders? Or is it something with the Vertical app UI (I don't speak French)? thanks!
Nico Stam
Nico Stam@nicostam · Product manager, Freelance webdeveloper
@marcbc in the on-boarding process I had to answer the gender-question. The form provides 3 possible answers: Male, Female or Other. It's the first time I saw something like this in a profile-form. It has nothing to do with the Defenders. I just wrote a short reason on why I would like to try this product.. As far as I have seen it, all the movies/clips are in French. To reach a wider audience I would suggest to the makers to add other languages to the interface and the content
Marc@marcbc · Software Developer & Product Enthusiast
@nicostam ah! right, nice touch :) Thanks for clarifying.
ArtwoHunter@artwo · Working on great stuff
Hi hunters :) Vertical is a french app with french content but you can try the video named "Word and Seek", it's in english ! By the way, I'm not part of Vertical's team. I just love online videos and I will hunt all awesome related projects, you can follow me to if you're interested ;)
Mlle Aiko
Mlle Aiko@melleaiko · Video lover
@artwo ok thanks ! :)
Russell Barnard
Russell Barnard@russellbarnard · Co-founder of Snappd - Also a developer
@artwo If you are looking for a vertical video app with English content as well we have this on Snappd. Although the content there is mainly stories (Instagram & Snapchat) ✌️
Sheik Gama Aman
Sheik Gama Aman@sheikmohaideena · Product Designer at Freshdesk
This is very interesting @nicostam ! . it remembers the days of my film production class where i was arguing with my professor on " Why I should not shoot my short film on vertical mode".
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Couldn't understand the concept of the app?
Samar Mustafa
Samar Mustafa@samar_ux · Founder @
Step 1- Downloaded the app. Step 2- Open the Google translate for FR to EN. Step 3 - hmm already tired 😴