Find popular alternatives to anything in a jiffy

When I am exploring alternatives to a product or service, I often to go Google, type "[product] vs ", and just see what it autocompletes. That usually tells me the most popular competitors. If I want to be thorough I'll do the same for the competitors, etc.

This tool just does that automatically for you.

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Simple! How are you sourcing these alternatives, @jasoncrawford?
@rrhoover It literally uses Google autocomplete
Wow @jasoncrawford - I built a few years back. Same functionality, implemented the same way, and pretty much the same name (just realised though that the autocomplete API I used must have been retired, getting 404s). I don't mean for it to sound accusatory, I'm just impressed that someone else's mind worked a lot like mine! Good stuff πŸ₯‚
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Not sure it's working correctly. I tried "Mac" as my search term and it suggested Windows was a possible alternative. No
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Super simple idea and clean implementation! Kudos
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