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#3 Product of the DayNovember 20, 2019
Use Versoly to build a fast, responsive, SEO friendly SaaS website without worrying about coding, design and hosting.
Also websites come with HTTPS, SEO, forms and much more.
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Hey wonderful people of Product Hunt, We're Volkan and Kamil and our excited to be shipping Versoly on Product Hunt. Currently Versoly is free to try and no sign up required. Why Build Versoly Versoly was built out of a problem I had in my last SaaS startup, building a good landing page was difficult. Starting from scratch was time consuming and expensive, templates were difficult to edit and landing page builders weren’t flexible. The vision for Versoly was to build a landing page builder that allowed the least technical person to create a great SaaS website. While allowing technical founders the option to make complex edits easily. We did just that. We have the only built in HTML/CSS/JS editors that allow you in real time to edit the web page. So you don’t have to export websites anymore to add custom code. Which is normally the case for other website builders. About Versoly Versoly is a SaaS focused website builder. It’s built so anyone can create a beautiful SaaS website with pricing tables, FAQs and all the other things only a SaaS website needs. The tool is free to use and doesn’t even require you to sign up to try it. Free accounts let you host on our subdomain with HTTPS enabled. When you’re ready to upgrade to pro you will get custom domains, the branding removed and the ability to export semantic code. We use Bootstrap and minimise the use of extra CSS classes so all web pages are easy to edit. We love the SaaS space and as such have built products like which we have integrated into Versoly so you can get inspiration from the top 100+ SaaS landing pages sorted and filter by blocks and industry. What’s in Versoly Standard * Blocks and Templates - each block is designed and built to look good while increasing conversions, this means not using carousels as they slow the page down and 99% of the time aren’t used. * Secure - HTTPS SSL certificate included * Hosted websites - use our subdomain or upgrade to pro for custom domains * Export - A zip file with all HTML/CSS/JS and images so you can host yourself. All code is easy to understand and is based on Bootstrap * Fast Page Speeds - We score 90+/100 on mobile and 97+/100 on Desktop *WYSIWYG - Easily add and edit blocks on your web page Extra * HTML/CSS/JS editor - works in real time. This is for the technical people who don’t want to have to export the site to make code changes. * Site checklist - We all forget stuff, so we built in a checklist to make sure you add SEO, Favicons, Facebook and Twitter meta tags. This way you’re landing page will be perfect every time. * Save blocks - sometimes you want to test different blocks instead of recreating a block if you didn’t like the new one. You can easily save the block and use it later on. It also works well if you have call to actions and testimonials you want to use on different pages. * Custom design features - we allow you to add waves, linear gradients and sidebars to give your website a unique feel while sticking to the best practices. * Terms and privacy - we have a text editor for the terms and service so you don’t have to mess around with the page builder when all you want to do is copy some text to a page. * Custom forms - we allow you to build custom forms with inputs, selects and text areas easily. You can store the data on Versoly or send it to your email only. Future We believe we have built something unique and plan to work on Versoly for years to come. If you want to join us on the journey of building an amazing business and a great product please follow us on Personal Twitter: Company Twitter: You can try Versoly without signing up and feel free to ask us any questions!
I love it! One happy client over here :)
@tonixx Thanks for being an early customer and giving us so much feedback, really shaped the product.
Great product! Works surprisingly well and it is very easy to use - made our life way easier! Really recommend it, whishing you the best
@lucas_gc Thanks Lucas!
This is a great and easy to use product. Keep up the good work @volkandkaya I recommended it 100%.
@michael_andreuzza Thanks for the support.
Great product. Keep it up.