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Versioning Newsletter is a daily subscription newsletter for web devs and designers - the best links with sarcasm, puns, and plenty of actual lols thrown in too.

  • Pros: 

    It's the only email I enjoy seeing hit my inbox daily


    It's not... hourly?

    I sat across from Adam as he cleverly put together over 400 editions of this daily newsletter, over my past two years at SitePoint. It didn't take me long to fall in love with the magic this brings to my inbox everyday, and become attached to Versioning as it's grown.

    It's long been a well regarded, and super successful free newsletter in web and design, and I'm excited to see what this new chapter will bring.

    Best of luck my friend, you deserve the success coming to you!

    Daniel Graziano has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    SO many awesome resource links

    Cons: getting the newsletter quicker? I live for my versioning email!!...LIVE FOR IT.

    Other than the hilarious puns Adam manages to throw into his link round-ups. There is always something in there that I can make use of for that day, or for a project I'm busy with, or one I worked on years ago. Then proceed to go implement it in that old project and so on and so forth.

    There are always useful apps that I can't click on fast enough. Very serious business when it comes to the news in the tech-world. know, that scares the dandruff off your head! But really informative, nonetheless.

    A nifty lil-newsletter if ya ask me. And one I have come to enjoy so much that I look forward to it eagerly and sometimes double check my emails to see if I might have missed it...Yes, I have issues. But now there's the new platform and all that so I can just refresh that page endlessly...

    Aaaand JUST as I'm writing it, I refresh the page and HELLO new versioning! Coffee and versioning, coming up!

    But to get to the point, expect some awesome front-end links, mobile, back-end, programming, design, UX, product links, news and business links, and some prety fun stuff, too! Like tools and apps and whatnot.

    11/10 would version again!

    Jessica Van Rooyen has used this product for one year.
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Adam Roberts
Adam RobertsMaker@adam__roberts · Head of Newsletters, SitePoint
Hi there! Adam from Versioning here. The pic of the blue guy with the beard? That’s my driver’s license photo. Versioning is a daily subscription newsletter from SitePoint that’ll keep you informed and entertained about all things web dev and design. I research the web and curate the stuff that matters to you, so you can close the tabs and get back to doing what you love. I also make it a bit more fun than your typical algorithm does - if puns, sarcasm and pop-culture references are your idea of fun. We’ve tried advertising and had good results, but ads split our focus from just showing subscribers stuff we think is awesome. Instead, we’re working with a company called Substack and adopting a paid subscription model. It’s a new idea, we’re really excited! We’d love to get some feedback on the idea and the newsletter in general. I’m operating on Melbourne, Australia time, but will be checking in as much as possible to answer qs and absorb your feedback. Thanks!