Verse Groups

Group expenses and payments, simplified.

Easily split, track and settle all your group expenses.

Planning a trip with friends? Have a group of buddies that you always do things with? Do you share an apartment and want to easily split your recurring expenses? With Verse Groups you'll be able to not only track and split all your group expenses but also settle them in one tap.

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Hi Product Hunt Community! Pablo here, COO at Verse. We just released a cool new feature, Groups, to make our P2P payments app even more user friendly and social. With Groups you can easily track, split and settle all group expenses. Create a group, add your friends and put in all your expenses. Settle at any time directly with your Verse balance. Our app (and this feature) is currently only available in Europe. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 😄

I’m organizing a trip with two friends, and Verse Group is being the best to keep track of our expenses!! Brilliant feature!


Easy to use


None so far!

I haven't actually tried the app, so I don't know whether this made it to prod, but referring to the last screenshot above, keep in mind that period (.), not comma (,), is used as the delimiter between dollars and cents in the US. Just looking at the screenshots showing USD but with comma as the delimiter threw me off a little bit. May be worth changing for your American audience.
@alekplay totally right! Thanks for the feedback.
What is the main difference between Verse and Splitwise?
@alexander_valtingojer Hi Alexander! Verse not only enables you to split and track group expenses (as Splitwise does) but also to settle them directly with the money you have uploaded to Verse. Uploading money to Verse is easy as you can directly top up with a debit or credit card. So it all happens within the Verse app where you can also do other things re. payments, like collect money for events, split the bill, send money to a Facebook friend and check out your community feed.
@viguerapablo love the UI, looks great. We've been looking for a Splitwise alternative for a while. Within a group, can you choose different ways to split? e.g. only a few of the group members? Cheers
@viguerapablo I have a few questions :) Sorry, if I didn't read through your website carefully enough! 1. So you can pay with the app? Like a contactless payment? 2. Is there such thing like a group account? 3. Does the app work worldwide? And how do you manage to accept different currencies? 4. What are the transactional fees?
@alpooly Hi Al, of course - you can pick who in the group was involved in the expense as well as enter the specific amount the person owes out of the total expense. 😄
@kay_larina sure, not a problem. 😃 1. Correct, Verse works like a virtual wallet so you can upload money via debti/credit card. That's the balance that will be used to settle your group expenses. If you run out of balance, you can choose to charge the default card that's linked to your account to settle group expenses 2. Every person in the group has his/her own account and to settle each person needs to have a balance (or payment method) on Verse. That being said, some users do use Verse as a gateway to receive payments and manage them as a group. E.g. Many student associations use the app to create an event and get paid for parties (and the account is under the association's name and many people access) 3. At the moment, Verse is only live in Europe (EU). While you can only have an account in one currency at the moment, we support the following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, DKK and PLN (and soon CZK and HUF) - so you can pay your friends or add expenses to a group in any of those currencies and then it gets settled at the best exchange rate 4. No fees, Verse is completely free ✌
@viguerapablo congrats for the launch! Verse groups looks awesome!
@jiaqip thanks man! Much appreciated 💪