Tinder for Israelis and Palestinians

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what a crazy idea. but given how crazy the situation is in the middle east, why not?
I assume the name is inspired by Romeo and Juliet? Montague vs Capulet. Not sure how practical this is really, but I would love to see the results.
@pierreventer You assume correctly. From their Tumblr:
Swipe right to like for left for next. If someone likes you back, Verona matches you up. They're open to anyone, in any country, who chooses to identify as either nationality, because they believe that the path to peace begins by viewing people by who they are instead of where they came from.
@neerajt4 too bad the iOS app is not out ! Loving the idea, as you presented it, excited to see how they'll execute it :) EDIT : Just saw that your description is the one that's on their website. Even better then
@neerajt4 I think you have a typo there, should be "swipe right to like or left for next"?
Is this designed for "dating"/romantic interaction specifically or is it open to anyone who wants to interact with people of the other nationality? I think this could be a powerful vehicle for connecting people with similar interests in general and opening a friendly dialogue between people that is completely divorced from political interests.
It's a cool concept and I hope it yields positive results.