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Online companies sell their products and services 24/7, 365 to customers across the globe. When you've got thousands or millions of customers, delivering useful messages gets tricky!
We help these B2C (and B2B) companies deliver what they have to say.
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Vero helps you send behavioral and transactional emails. Our emails are data-driven, so you're never guessing when to send an email or who to send it to. Trigger a coupon when a customer views a product twice, or help a new user get started when they download your software. Check out our blog ( for tons of examples and drop any questions in the comments.
Hi Chris, I am following your blog and I can tell that the content is extremely great. I am at the decision stage but I don't understand yet what is the difference between Vero and others like or Is the list & number of features the difference? Or is there a disruption or switch in the concept/approach/focus? Btw, I like a lot your copy "Track behavior, trigger email."