$1M of on-demand drone liability insurance from $10 an hour

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... So am I covered...?
Check out Sam Lessin of Slow Ventures, Verifly's first customer
Drone insurance is an interesting business, and this looks good from an ease-of-use perspective. But with this on-demand model, I wonder about the adverse selection problem. Will people buy insurance only when they're doing higher-risk flights?
@lastbestmatt Great question. Verifly's pricing is dynamic based on geospatial and environmental variables so higher risk flights have a higher price.
Getting insurance for drones is a headache only because everyone is so afraid of the word 'drone'. Even though I was already covered the event space I was hosting an event at wanted more insurance. Thankfully Verifly exists because it was super cheap and easy to use. For $30 I was able to get covered at $1M for 4 hours and plan the insurance a month in advance. This app saved me lots of time and I highly recommend it.