Verified Followers is your time-saving and easiest way to understand who follows you and how many of the verified accounts are over there on your follow list.

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Wow. You guys have done a great job using some behaviorial hacks: 1) This is all vanity of course, with an air of curiosity. Definitely a great incentive to anyone to want to know 2) You manage my expectations that it might take awhile and use it to collect my email. 3) You use a progress bar which generally makes people more patient. 4) Let me see the top and then charge me a tweet to see the people something before you ask them for something. I also just had a number of "really?" surprises, like Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista follows me for reasons I do not know (Pirates and Red Sox fan who rarely tweets about baseball). Nice job!
i just want you to help me be important enough to get a verified stamp on my twitter page
Sup- happy to answer any Q's about it!
this is a #FirstClass twitter problem