Veriff Station

Easy, accurate, and scalable ID verification

Veriff Station gives startups and growing businesses access to enterprise-level fraud prevention and ID verification tools. Sign up to integrate verification flows in less than a day with flexible pricing plans designed to grow with you.
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Hey, I’m Kaarel, CEO and founder of Veriff and glad to share with you our Veriff Station platform. Over the 4 years, we’ve been growing with enterprises that have trusted us with verifying tens of millions of their customers. Now we’ve made our enterprise-level product available to SMEs and startups via the self-service platform. It’s been an amazing journey. We started in Estonia and our first customers were traditional European banks who needed remote customer onboarding. Since YC W18, we’ve been doubling our verification volumes MoM, while supporting the largest Airdrop in the world powered by, cooperating with the Berlin’s public transport company BVG and 150 other customers across the globe. We can verify people from more than 190 countries, process over 5,5k government-issued IDs worldwide, and our service is available in 35 languages. Over the last year, our 18-member team has grown to over 300 people.
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So excited to see this here! Self service is a really cool idea for smaller companies. But i'm curious, who are the early adopters of this tool so far? Can you share some examples or some general use cases? It would be interesting to see what the folks using it are building.
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Hey @avery_schrader! So far most of the companies that have started to use it are fintechs or marketplaces, the first users that we've got the permission to share also were Blair ( and Xolo ( Having that said, we have also interesting use cases where a hotel started to use Veriff to automate check-in and robot delivery startups using it for age verification purposes.
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We've been a client for over a year and have always recognized Veriff for their fraud-prevention features, where most other providers have fallen short. Providing a compliance product is one thing, but Veriff has proven time-and-time again that they're not only amazing at ID verification, but going above and beyond to actually keep out bad actors. If you're a FinTech or peer-to-peer marketplace company, where each bad actor can significantly hurt your bottomline, Veriff is a no-brainer. Kudos to the team for never compromising on quality!
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Hey @kaurkirikall, Thanks for your kind words! Sharing it with the team! When our customers are successful, we're successful!
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Excited to see Veriff here 🤩
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@tellvivk yup Great Stuff!
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Congrats on the launch Kaarel, Janer & team Veriff!
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Thanks @gustaf! It's just the beginning :)
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