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Pooneet Goel
Pooneet GoelMaker@pooneetgoel · CEO, Verecho Inc
Hi everyone - I'm the CEO of Verecho. Please feel free to ask any questions here!
Marcin Odchyl
Marcin Odchyl@marcinodchyl1
Some part of this information are available now on LinkedIn. Some od this information are privat and sensitive and should not be store outsite the company. It could be very helpful for big companies or remote teams. I wish you good luck.
Pooneet Goel
Pooneet GoelMaker@pooneetgoel · CEO, Verecho Inc
@marcinodchyl1 Hi Marcin - you are absolutely correct! Some of this info is in LinkedIn but part of the issue is that not everyone is on linkedin and finding someone within your company on LinkedIn is next to impossible. We're trying to make the knowledge graph inside the enterprise easy to create and maintain and accessible to everyone inside the org. In terms of storing onsite or in the cloud - for companies to build a system like this on premise is a lot of work. We've spent an incredible amount of engineering effort to build this so it can be deployed in 20 minutes or less and designed it to be extremely secure. We even have companies who are building security software as customers! thanks!
Pascal Morniroli
Pascal Morniroli@pascalmorniroli · Consumer Engagement Manager
Working for global company I see the potential but the question of data privacy plus confidentiality are definitely critical. If you want to sell outside of the US you would need to be offer hosting of the data outside of the US.
Pooneet Goel
Pooneet GoelMaker@pooneetgoel · CEO, Verecho Inc
@pascalmorniroli Agreed Pascal. We are hosted at AWS and have the ability to host outside of the US based on customer needs. Data privacy is absolutely a priority for us and all the data is encrypted at rest and in transit and is only available for the company. Our terms of service and privacy policy do not allow us to do anything with the data. It is owned by our clients. Thanks!