Free text to speech converter with SSML editor

A simple Text to Speech web app. Users can download the mp3 of the generated voices in multiple languages. It comes with an SSML editor to customise voices. Free playback of up to 1000 characters. New users get 1000 credits on sign up.
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@ahomnky11 This is pretty cool! (Surprised this didn't get more upvotes, unless there are lots of apps like this and I'm just not familiar.) I do a lot with poetry, and even run an annual poetry tournament where I'd love to be able to programmatically produce audio for poems to be read aloud for voters, or even for writers to hear how it sounds. Love the easy insertion of SSML. Technically, I found it interesting that a traditionally-formatted poem (with liberal use of line breaks) sounded much different than reformatting the same text in full-length sentence form. Anyways, nice work, and congrats on your launch. I'll be following and may well buy some credits (though sorry it wouldn't be until March 2020).
@edecaria Thanks for the positive feedback! :)
I am the creator of the Verby. I designed the SSML editor with prebuilt buttons. User can highlight selected text and wrap it with emphasis, for example. Using SSML tags is optional in the text area. So far, it is only targeted to users familiar with SSML, however if you know html, it should be a piece of cake. The web app has a freemium pay as you go model, so users pay what they need. Technologies used to build the app: Vue.js, firebase auth, firebase cloud functions.
A thousand characters is a bit low even to just try it out... Why not at least make it work but limit it after 24 hours or some such?
new feature just released: select certain parts of your text in the textarea and play it without playing the whole thing
Just released: Free basic voices in all available languages for non-registered users. You can access the SSML Editor and premium quality voices by creating an account