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#3 Product of the DayMay 18, 2020
Verb helps you maintain personal accountability & fitness regarding nutrition, water intake, sleep, and stress by learning your habits and checking in daily via SMS.
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🇺🇸 Verb now is available only for US users.
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15 Reviews5.0/5
I both use and work on Verb and I have to say I absolutely love it. The simplicity of using SMS vs. an app definitely makes my life easier and it's one less app to have to open to engage with my coach. The weekly reports that are generated from your daily answers are super helpful to aggregate specific patterns/behaviors you might have unconsciously developed and help to rectify them. Excited to see what's next with Verb!
@daniel_stoddard22 thanks Daniel! what's the most amazing thing you've observed about yourself via Verb? how did it help you change your behavior for the good? (if it did, I hope it did haha)
@arturkiulian I think the most amazing things I've observed are how greatly my sleep pattern results in how I function the next day, as well as certain areas of my life that I can improve upon. I know it's pretty basic, but the more sleep I get, the better I'm able to function and perform the next day. This really became apparent to me through Verb by being prompted daily to report how much sleep I got the night before. I've made sure to make sleep is one of my top priorities. I've switched up my nightly routine to ensure I'm getting the most effective sleep possible. Verb has also made me realize how I need to work on my patience, devoting attention to others, practice mindfulness of my own energy, and learn to navigate stress in a more healthy fashion.
@daniel_stoddard22 that's amazing! Sleep is definitely a big struggle for me and using Verb really help to become more self-aware
@arturkiulian @daniel_stoddard22 Dan you have utilized this product in amazing ways!
really useful tool, well done
The concept sounds pretty exciting! Getting started now
@daniil_kopilevych Thanks for the kind words!
@daniil_kopilevych Thanks hope you learn a little bit about your daily habits!
I've been using it for a few weeks now - Personally -- I don't do anything with 'fitness'. But its still really useful. The accountability checkins are super helpful for me. Goals, habits I'm trying to instill, and just a good accountability checkin with my stress/water intake/sleep/and eating healthy food. I'd highly recommend it, honestly, the SMS is so nice.
When is it going to be available for the rest regions?
@ratibor In the next few months, we will work only in the US, but you can subscribe to our updates and we will notify when we will work in other countries 📨