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Hi Product Hunt! VentureStorm is a web application that connects entrepreneurs and startups to talented software developers! Far too many startups struggle to acquire the necessary tech talent to take their venture from zero to hero. Whether these companies are in need of a technical co-founder, a freelance developer, or anything in between - VentureStorm makes connecting to the perfect developer seamless. Before many of you ask what makes us different than existing platforms, I figured I’d go ahead and beat you to the punch! We have curated a community of developers that genuinely want to work with startups as they grow and scale. VentureStorm itself is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, while it streamlines the entire process to focus on building quality relationships and trust. Our machine learning algorithms use data to intelligently recommend the best startup opportunities for developers, and inversely, the best developer candidates for your startup. Other platforms that offer similar features and benefits will cost you 15% of the developer’s first year salary or thousands of dollars per hire. We built something flexible and affordable that the solo entrepreneur can utilize, in addition to large scale startups. A very special thanks for @erictwillis for hunting us today! My team and I will be here all day to answer questions! We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)
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@tyler_denk @erictwillis This looks like it has potential. Created an account as a developer, but there aren't many projects in there so far, so hopefully that'll pick up in the following weeks. The only way I see this rising above the competition is if you carefully curate the projects as well as the developers. Nothing kills a platform like this quicker than poor content. Personally, I've put in little details about myself (caus the LinkedIn import failed) and I can already contact people for all the projects... That might essentially be spamming for startups looking for quality people.
@baboon @erictwillis Hey Horea, thanks for joining our developer community! We have had over 500 startup projects posted to the platform thus far (many have already found developers, thus their projects are no longer active). However, there are nearly 200 active as of right now, and growing! As you mentioned about curating projects, each project is initially set to 'inactive' until they schedule a call with me or someone else on the team. This ensures both quality assurance and the ability for me to help them improve their post so it's better content for developers! We haven't encountered anyone having issues with the LinkedIn import feature, but are looking into your issue now. That feature is just an option to help import profile information- you could always enter in information manually as well! Sorry you encountered that error. Hope you enjoy the platform!
@tyler_denk Yeah, no worries, it told me you were notified :) It's good to know that you curate the projects and that they serious about their intentions. From my personal experience, that problem has been plaguing these markets for a while now.
Congratulations guys! Looks awesome! I'm excited to use this for my next project
This site is awesome - thanks for including as one of the breakout startups of 2017
@15greenberg Absolutely- that post was a huge hit! Appreciate your support!!
@tyler_denk This definitely seems like it has potential. I have seen a similar product called in Amsterdam where I am based. Its pretty good too and they dont require a sign up to view listings. Also I tried signing up as a developer but the email link failed. Either ways,Good luck guys!
@shantanutarey Hey Shantanu- we appreciate your support! Not having to sign in to view listings is definitely something we have considered. Although we don't believe ideas hold much value (it's all about the execution), many early stage entrepreneurs and ventures prefer some sense of security. We handle this by requiring developers to sign in to view projects. However, this is something we can definitely alter to optimize. We saw the error you received and are having trouble replicating it on our end. However, we just went ahead and confirmed your account manually. Looking forward to having you as a part of our community. Let me know how you enjoy your experience on the platform!
@tyler_denk Yes Im able to login, thanks for approving me manually. The product looks great!
This is great! Do you have plans to partner with @ga and others?
@jessicanow Thanks Jessica! We've been talking to @ga here in DC, but are still working on getting a direct partnership. We've partnered with a few other coding bootcamps (including @makeschool) as well as university computer science programs!