VentureMap Boston

A visualization of thousands of startup investments

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Boris from VentureApp here. Thanks for checking out VentureMap Boston. We partnered with Ty Danco from TechStars and BostInno to create a compelling visualization of relationships between startups and investors. You can interact with the VentureMap in a number of ways: 1. Click on a startup inside the circle to see all of their investors 2. Click on an investor on the outside of the circle to see all of their investments 3. Zoom in and out on various investment nodes to explore deeper 4. Filter by investor type, industry, and date the startup was founded 5. Search for a startup or investor. You can multi-select by clicking a search result and then starting and clicking new searches. 6. Chat with any startup or investor that is on VentureApp 7. Sign up for VentureApp and add your startup or investment firm VentureMap speaks to our mission to make the innovation economy more accessible to all. By visualizing investment data this way, anyone in the innovation economy can easily identify areas to expand their network based on relevant connections.
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@brevsin This is amazing, fun and a bit addictive.
Wow--it's all in there. Everything you wanted to know about who has invested in any Boston company.
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Hey--full props should go out to @ahmedhentati, who did the bulk of the work underlying v1.0 An amazing view of Boston Startup life
Cool. Are you going to roll these out across different startup geographies?
@sarahadowney Sarah, we're working on a bunch of new startup hubs. New York is coming soon, followed by Chicago and then several all at once.
Yeah Boston! Thanks for putting this together @brevsin. Now we can actually see the Hubspot mafia visually. 😂 CC: @dharmesh