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This constantly updated database gives you the ability to get in contact with the Venture Capital that is most likely to give your company money. Great tool by @avifelman!
Hey guys! I'm the founder of the website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! VentureFocus started while I was helping to raise a round for a start-up I was working with. Once I exhausted my personal network I found it exceedingly hard to find and get in touch with investors, especially ones that would understand the business. So I decided I would get together a database of investors so that people could search for and find investors based on a whole bunch of criteria. It's a website meant to help connect you to potential venture capital! Cheers, Avi
@avifelman Great idea! *Checking it out now* How is it different from angel.co ? Is it more personal? better searchable? More like a community?
@milann It's way more searchable, includes contact information, and we personally help you write your emails to the investors. We're more involved in the process, and from my experience it gives you leads with investors more likely to understand your business :)
@avifelman you got my vote! And I signed up! *waiting approval*
@avifelman I like this I'm going to try it out.
@cedfunches thanks Ced! Let me know how you like it
@sailornathan's @foundersuite also has an investor search tool as part of the suite. I'll have to try this out and see how they compare (definitely am the target market)!
@tymrtn let me know how it compares, and how I can improve ;)
Approved Milan!!!! :P
@avifelman love this idea. I'm waiting for approval too (Jeremy Thomas)!
@jgrahamthomas you should be good to go. If it's taking a while it's because we're swamped thanks to PH 😅
@avifelman how do the investors feel about having this info on your platform?
@streamnowceo it's all public information, I've just complied it easily