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Hey PH - I'm the CEO of VentureApp and here to answer any questions. We weren't quite ready for PH launch but excited to be here! We will get some screen shots and other things uploaded ASAP. Kristofer is right that there are ways to connect with folks on VentureApp based on interest and expertise, but we're also working hard to solve the issues of Linkedin in that most of the messages you receive are spammy (i.e. recruiters, unsolicited sales pitches, etc.). We think it is silly that: 1. on the main professional network (Linkedin) you don't engage with your most important business contacts and 2. there isn't a messaging platform that caters to the needs of business communication vs social communication. Some core features we have to create the best professional chat experience: 1. Only allow your contacts to message you - i.e. no one can buy their way into your inbox like InMail of email spam 2. Open and close chats - ability to deny a chat invite or leave a chat so folks can't bother you again 3. Expiring invites - no inbox overload, chat invites expire so messaging doesn't become a chore to get back to folks, you can always invite them to chat later 4. Private networks - create networks (i.e. referral or peer groups) where the members can see each others statuses and chat with one another or start group chats that expire 5. Expertise/topics - ability to be discovered to chat about a topic *if you want* by the larger community 6. Statuses - similar to WhatsApp, can push a status to your network i.e. "Looking for a designer" or "need fundraising advice" etc. Currently no good way to quickly tap your network for knowledge/help with email blasting.
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@cgarb Totally understand the app may not be cent percent ready for the prime time, but still, it's awesome work. Premature hunts are sometimes a bit of annoying. I have this little idea shared with PH team and @rrhoover, but not sure whether it works.
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@cgarb nice work bro. Live on TC = live for real, especially PH. You guys will get some good feedback on here. Good luck. Love where the product is at already.
I've watch VentureApp grow and evolve...As more and more people have joined the platform, it has become a great resource for startups and small biz.
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I was one of the early users and have recommended it to many when they were "looking for help". In almost every case they got back to me, confirmed VentureApp was a huge help and thanked me. Excited for these guys.
I used VentureApp to initially find our benefits broker for Tettra about a year ago. The broker and I had to send *a ton* of emails back and forth to coordinate everything. Refocusing the communication experience around messaging makes sense. It's faster, easier and more human.
I've used Venture App a bunch to get connected with service providers for advice/help in Boston. The team is super helpful, the platform is well built, and the community is broad. Definitely worth checking out.