Venture Picker

Actively keep tabs on the market and pick opportunities

Venture Picker is an AI assistant built for VCs and analysts to actively keep tabs on the market and pick opportunities. It taps into databases like Crunchbase and leverages proprietary eXplainable AI (XAI) algorithms to deliver personalized recommendations to each user.

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Hi all, I'm one of the guys behind Venture Picker. My company actually develops proprietary eXplainable AI (XAI) algorithms. We initially built Venture Picker as a demonstration tool for this technology, but due to popular demand, we decided to let Venture Picker into the wild. This is an alpha version with a lot still on the roadmap. We'd love to see as many upvotes as possible to measure the continued interest. For our colleague Product Hunters, we're offering the 1st month totally free with the following 3 months at 50% off our regular $14.99 price tag -- a steal! Just type in GIMME3 at checkout to redeem.
Thank you to all for the recent upvotes! Happy to see the interest!