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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2015
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This is kinda rad; always found Glassdoor super janky for what we do. Would love to see an access point for people looking for work — how about a lower $ fee to see what people just in your role/city are getting paid? (designers in Austin or w/e)
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@jongold Yea Glassdoor wasn't granular/curated enough so that's why we put this together. Interesting idea re: role/city. For sure noted. In the meantime would love to give 30% off to any hunter :) Email me for the refund adrian[at]
Little bit lowering the price would work for me.
@misbahspeaks Agreed, especially as the guys behind this are hunters as well ;) We're hooking everyone up with 30% off! After purchase email adrian[at] for the refund
Maker here, @dtome for the hunt! Caught us a bit off guard. Would love to give a discount to fellow hunters! DISCOUNT: 30% off, email adrian[at] after purchase and I’ll refund you the difference
Where is the data coming from, @adriangrant? One of the biggest challenges in comparables is missing context. Not all "series A funded companies" are at the same maturity making industry averages especially difficult to use for equity compensation.
@rrhoover That's a great question sir. When I worked in VC the need for context around compensation was crucial. A lot of the available resources weren’t granular, curated or lumped in outliers (like public traded companies). So we put together an invite-only platform, where detailed comps could be shared/accessed. For the first time you can get answer to "In NY, what’s the average salary of a Mobile Engineer, at a Social Networking startup, with 50-99 headcount, at a startup that's raised between $11M - $15M”. It’s the use of these dynamic filters that provides context. Regarding our source, we’ve partnered up with over 20 VC firms and several accelerators to anonymously source this info directly from their startups. We don’t divulge who we work with for privacy concerns, but if someone was to look at my Linkedin…. :)
Curious how a flat rate was determined and that specific price. Seems like bigger companies or VCs would pay more. And it seems high for anywhere that doesn't need a full time recruiter, and ever higher for an individual.
@lauraglu Hey Laura - You’re spot on about the price being tailored towards folks that need detailed compensation, across a variety of roles. We originally thought this audience would be Recruiters and VC’s, but we’ve been surprised at how realtors, to CPG’s have used our platform. It seems everyone is trying to get a handle on what’s happening in the tech world. We’re actively adding more data points, so a flat rate ensure folks get access to a growing dataset. @jongold had a good point around personalized look-ups, which is something we’ll put on our roadmap. For now would be more than happy to offer 30% off to every hunter, simply email me for the refund adrian[at]