Venice Speedster

The vehicle of the past, built for the future 🏎

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The Venice Speedster is an individualized semblance of vehicles of yesteryear. A simplification of the Venice that accommodates extended solo touring while exemplifying sleek and refined styling.

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Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson@magnuson · Professional Consumer
Only available to the mega-wealthy among us. Reserve for $1,000. Purchase for $27,000.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
Perfect for the rich lonely men who drive short distances on perfect roads and like to touch the asphalt as they go.
Max Bloom
Max Bloom@livecoinwatchmb · Angel Investor - Tech Founder x 5
You guys built a car? That's so rad. When's delivery?
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
How much horsepower it have and where it will be sold?
Chris FR
Chris FR@chrisfr
@babken_karapetyan It seems to be the same engine on all their cars, so my guess would be ~ 180 BHP