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Thanks to @bryce for hunting us ! Loads to learn from @nima3rad's interesting insights about the business of Venture Capital, focusing on unit economics, and why traditional VC can get frustrating. Check out http://venividivc.libsyn.com/ven... for more details in the shownotes. Feel free to drop your comments and feedback here :)
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Hey @nipungupta and @nima3rad great episode, tonnes on interesting insights that I found myself resonating with and I really like your philosophy behind the investments you make. One question about Indie.vc, is the fund only U.S based or do you invest/plan to invest globally, especially India? P.S- Burning unicorn on the website is funny.
Thanks for the kind words @prateek_bagri. We believe folks should blossom where their seed is planted so we'll evaluate any and all opportunities, worldwide, so long as our community+network+expertise can be additive. Capital, after all, is ubiquitous.
This is amazing.
This is awesome Nima. Question about Indie.vc - what is the team modeling themselves after the most? What kind of fund, in the startup world or otherwise, draws the most inspiration for Indie's trajectory?
πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ @pakhzar. charlie munger and warren buffett come to mind. unit economics and profitability (or at least the path to it in the near term) are key to the Indie.vc model.