Veni Vidi VC - Brett Munster from AITV

Candid conversations w/ personalities in Venture Capital.

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New regional podcast focused on the personalities that make up our Venture Capital world.
Congrats to Nipun on launching this podcast. I can't wait to jump to its 1st episode. The story looks pretty intriguing. 😬
Appreciate the hunt @leanstarter ! There are so many good podcasts for the VC world out there, but we felt that none of them covered the investor's journey and inspirations to get where they are now. Hopefully, through @venividiventure we are able to highlight a VC's career path and help them increase their deal flow. As @nealbloom mentioned, we welcome feedback and guest nominations. Reach out to us at for more info.
Thanks for hunting us @leanstarter ! Excited to share the venture side of deals from a different perspective; the associates and analysts. Feedback welcome and if you know of someone in venture who would make a good interview like Brett, please feel free to get in touch.