Eliminate the where to eat discussion among friends 🍱

No more everlasting discussions on where to eat, decide the restaurant instantly with friends in Veni.

Using AI, Veni understands both your taste and your friends' and recommends restaurants based on everyone's preferences in the dining group. It's like Netflix in the restaurant industry.

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Looks nice @zhao_yang :) How do you compare this to the recently launched WTE?
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@amrith Thank you so much. After study WTE, it is surprising that we use almost the same color for the logo. ;) But here are the main differences: 1. Veni is a groupware instead of an individual app. We believe the friction and interaction related to dining events happens among friends. Veni suggests restaurants based on the preferences of all group members so that no conversation like "Where do you want to eat" is necessary. No one needs to be responsible to propose restaurants nor to confirm others' opinion in the group. 2. Veni's recommendation improves while users are using it. While users vote for their restaurants, we gain the data and further train our recommendation algorithm. It's like the Netflix in the restaurant industry. 3. Veni is a social app. Currently people find restaurants from their friends. So Veni internalizes this feature so that users will be able to see which restaurants their friends have liked/voted.
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I like the concept but I always have a hard time getting my friends to download new apps. I think you guys need to make a chatbot that can integrate into fb/whatsapp/groupme chats and provide all the same functionality.
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@golear Very good advices. Currently if user invite friends who haven't downloaded Veni, the invitation will be sent in a web-app link via text message and their friends can vote and chat in the web app. But definitely we will expand to other IM channels
Can't find it on the Australian store, but I would love to try it out!
@jarrod Unfortunately, we are only available in US app store. We will improve our app further and launch it worldwide
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