Manage all your SaaS vendors and licenses in one place.

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If you manage lots of SaaS products for your business, you’ll love VendorHawk. Your incomplete spreadsheet was a nice try, but it’s time all those products, licenses, and renewal dates had a home. With API integrations to popular apps like Salesforce, G-Suite, Zendesk, Dropbox and many more VendorHawk has pioneered a better way to discover apps, show utilization in real-time, and help everyone stay out in front of the dreaded auto-renewal. In celebration of raising our seed round, get 20% off when you mention, “CoverMySaaS!" Enjoy!
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VERY smart & helpful product. Congrats, @brian_geihsler @patricklowndes @benjastephens !
Appreciate it, @wclittle!
Excited to share VendorHawk! I've watched this team make tremendous progress throughout Techstars Seattle. The product is simple, yet powerful. It solves an undeniable problem, and maybe most importantly, provides real value and real savings to happy customers. Congrats team on the launch + continued success. Onward!
@adamslieb Thanks for the Hunt, Adam!
@adamslieb Thanks so much Adam for your support - an the hunt!
Awesome! So does VendorHawk give me data on how many of my SaaS seats are being used?
@jfilcik Yes, we have premium integrations with popular apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Office365, and more that identify how many seats are being used & which seats are stale.
@jfilcik We also layer on utilization data from SSO tools like Okta so you can get a picture of how people are signing in to each product you manage with Okta.
Congrats team!
@ashishw203 Thanks Ashish for the support!