Create Social Videos With Subtitles

Content creation has become pivotal for every content creator. makes it brilliantly simple to make, edit, and release the most unique videos with subtitles. Creating videos has never become so easy!

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Really cool features are coming next week for I am super excited to share! You will now be able to export video memes in HD so you can share on your Facebook pages or use them as Facebook Video Ads! You will now also be able to share those video memes you create with to Instagram directly from the app. Thank you for the upvotes, love, feedback and support! I really appreciate it and it keeps me going!
Definitely the best app I have come across for creating custom memes from landscape, square and portrait videos with lots of new features added since the app was first posted here thanks to a super responsive developer in @hassan_ahmed including creating videos of up to 5 minutes in length and the ability to save your formats to make it even easier to customise and repurpose your posts. This is an app I am now recommending to my students in my digital and mobile marketing workshops You can see a full review of the app v2.0 on YouTube that I posted here that takes you through all the features
as at 14 August 2017
@rrhoover - not sure if you took a look at this when it was first posted? I've been in contact with the developer in the last couple of weeks with some ideas for features and @hassan_ahmed is one of the most responsive app developers I have come across - he is certainly one to watch. But importantly the app is getting better and better every week - I've a full article review coming soon but the video takes you through the latest version. Hope you don't mind me tagging you but I think this is an app you will find helpful and worth a second look - it's the best of it's kind IMHO. Perhaps Hassan can give you a redeem code if you are interested in taking it for a spin own?
@hassan_ahmed @krishnade thanks! I remember seeing it but haven't played with it yet. 😊
@rrhoover You are welcome - thanks for taking the time to read the post
@krishnade Thank you for your kind compliments. I really appreciate your feedback! I will continue to improve the application and make it extremely useful for social media influencers and digital marketers like yourself!
Hi @rrhoover, thank you replying back! I would love for you to give a swirl. If you would like to get access to PRO version, please let me know what is the best way for me to provide you the promo code for App Store.
Hey Product Hunters, first of all, thank you for making this community amazing! I am here to share an exciting product that I have developed and published on iOS Store a week ago. is a video editor app designed specially for making video memes. You can create inspirational, hilarious or even marketing video memes with three simple steps: upload your own videos, choose where they want to position the video and then add text below and/or under the video. Previously, content creators, such as The Odds Bible or UNILAD, have been using Adobe Premier Pro to create professional video memes. allows any user with an iPhone to make high quality video memes in less than 1 minute. is trying to address the video engagement issue on social media since 90% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Video memes with enticing text invite users to watch the entire video with sound, thus increasing engagement.’s mission is really to help bloggers, influencers and small businesses to achieve better post engagement on various social media platforms. is current available on iOS and is free for you all to try. If you like the app, please show some love and support by upvoting or sharing video memes on Instagram and using #vemely or tagging Thank you to all of you for reading this far!
Hey nice work! Any thoughts on being able to caption the whole video? Like sub titles? I find that to be very tedious
@swetzequity Yes we are planning to adding that functionality soon. But thank you for your response and feedback!
@swetzequity Hey Zach, I have now included subtitle feature in I would like to invite you to beta testing program. Let me know if you are interested.
Don’t waste your time with the over priced freemium app. A $.99 a video to remove the watermark or $9.99 a month to use most the features, way more options that work better out there that just don’t have a name that targets non-savy meme users. Try InShot or Picplaypost on App Store before you waste your money on this app.