A sales enablement app. Your calendar on steroids!

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I would have loved to have a tool like this when I was in sales. Veloxy plays nice with Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail, pulling contacts and emails. It can organize your leads via location--great if you travel. It's enabled for team use. And it's the first contact profiler I've seen to incorporate Google Scholar. Where were you in 2012, Veloxy?!
@kikischirr Your killing me... you've done it again. Great find. Hope this is worldwide ?
@kikischirr Thank you very much for Hunting us!
@kevinmineyours Thanks for stopping by.
Hey Everyone! We are super excited to be featured on Product Hunt. Thank you @KikiSchirr Veloxy is a Productivity app built for sales professionals. Veloxy aggregates, synthesizes and contextualizes information across multiple sources (Calendars, Emails, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, CrunchBase and more) and presents the relevant information to sales professionals via a mobile app. Veloxy uses powerful NLP, heuristics and geo location algorithms to make Lead and Opportunity management super easy. Veloxy monitors hundreds of deals and thousands of emails. Using predictive algorithms Veloxy sends proactive and contextual notifications to sales professionals. With Veloxy, sales professionals never have to worry about things falling through cracks. Go ahead and give it a try, let us know how we can make Veloxy even better.
Super excited that we've been hunted! We'll be commenting throughout the day. Any questions just let us know :) Veloxy is a Sales Enablement App. Do checkout our Calendar. Would love all your feedback so we can make Veloxy even better.
Just took a look at the site. Looks great, will give it a try when Android comes out.
@robertwilliger Hi Rob, Thanks for stopping by. We'll definitely let you know when the Android app is available.
Here is the link to our youtube channel, there are some explainer / feature videos :