Velodash is a cycling social platform where cyclists design route plans, host events, find other cyclists and ride together.

We want to connect cyclists not only online, but also actually bring them out to meet each other and ride together.

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Hi Product hunt! Molly from here. I’m from Taiwan and i’m an avid cyclist. Wherever i go there’s always one thing i’d miss, that is cycling. I wanted to explore exceptional routes and meet local cyclists but there’s no easy way of doing it. Velodash is built exactly for this, it’s the meet up for cyclists. With the route planner, cyclists gets to share the routes they like, organize events, find other cyclists, meet up and ride together. Highlights of velodash: - A crowd-sourced route library that lets local cyclists to share where to ride. - Real-time group data sharing that includes location and speed. No more calling-your-teammates to know where they are. - Host cycling events, get all the essential information together like slope analysis, weather forecast and rest stops. Velodash app is available on App store and Google Play, check it out and let us know what you think! Special thanks to Ted for hunting our product! Ask us any questions, we’d be happy to answer 🤗
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@mollyhuang Neat idea 🚴‍♀️
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@mollyhuang amazing app 👍💪
@abadesi thank you : )
I am a passionate cyclist, velodash helps me to plan the route with friends and track each other during the cycling. It is fun and useful, and I can see it has lots of potential, love the app.
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@syshen thanks for the support! We are very happy to hear that avid cyclist like you enjoy our product! 💋
*٩(๑´∀`๑)ง* upvote!
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I'm the organizer of grassroots urban cycling events like Taipei Naked Bike Ride / Ride of Silence Taipei / Critical Mass. I planned the route and created events on velodash. Although I might not be the target audience of a {sport, recreational}-oriented bicycle app like velodash, I still found it useful to spread the message and display the realtime status. Thumbs up.
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Actually is quite handy but need more development to improv in it.


Group cycling, gps


No photo upload, gps signal is weak most of the time.

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